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Don't Make Me Beautiful

Don't Make Me Beautiful - Elle Casey 5 Stars.This book was spell binding and very good.Wonderfully written, suspenseful, emotional, intense, heartfelt, these are just some of the words that come into mind after reading this book.This is such a riveting story that keeps you wanting more and more page after page. It involves you in the lives of the characters making you want to be part of the story and take action.I felt the pain, held my breath during some parts, and felt joy during other parts. It brought out a range of emotions. I enjoyed this story, which can be all too real when it comes to domestic abuse and the pain suffered in silence by many who rarely get to tell their story.The writing painted a picture of the horrifying life this woman was stuck in. It makes you thankful for the life you have and it breaks your heart that people have to go through abusive situations like that. This book has the potential of a new way of looking at life. An amazing book!If you like a good romance with mystery and intrigue thrown in as well, you will like this book.